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5 Top Tips For A Mindful Makeover with IKEA | AHLT Blog

5 Top Tips For A Mindful Makeover with IKEA | AHLT Blog

Extreme Makeover Home Edition but Mindful? Blend classic styles with modern items and layer up textures and materials to spark interest with IKEA’s AW20 Highland Heritage trend which, like us, promotes sustainability and items made with natural materials as seen in A House Like This.
6 Must-Have Scents For Autumn

6 Must-Have Scents For Autumn

  One of the best things about the change of seasons is that all your comforting favourites make a reappearance. Perhaps it’s the return of your ...
Conscious Living | A House Like This featured in The Metro-AHLT-interiors-homefragrance-christmas-candle

Conscious Living | A House Like This featured in The Metro

"We've been lucky enough to have fantastic support through features in the press during our first 18 months and last week's feature in the property section of The Metro was an amazing highlight for us! The article revealed how we've gone about taking on a huge project whilst aiming to be environmentally conscious both with our business and home renovation story..."
10 Magical Moments of A House Like This | The Story So Far-AHLT-interiors-homefragrance-christmas-candle

10 Magical Moments of A House Like This | The Story So Far

Our home continues to evolve as an extension of us and will always be a source of inspiration for our business, we never imagined it would also inspire so many others or give us the opportunity to meet so many like-minded people who love to create beautiful interiors that not only look good but make you feel good too. Whilst this milestone is a great achievement the truth is the story has only really just begun and we're excited to see what happens next at A House Like This!
#MyHouseLikeThis - 9 - Eniko Kirkwood-AHLT-interiors-homefragrance-christmas-candle

#MyHouseLikeThis - 9 - Eniko Kirkwood

Welcome to another edition of the fabulous blog series from A House Like This where we journey through the inspiring homes of people just like you...
Happy 1st Birthday To Us!-AHLT-interiors-homefragrance-christmas-candle

Happy 1st Birthday To Us!

What a year it has been! We've turned the ripe old age of 1 today and we wanted to take the opportunity to look back at some of our achievements so far, none of which couldn't be possible without support from amazing people like you!

#DefineYourStory with AHLT & Origin Films-AHLT-interiors-homefragrance-christmas-candle

#DefineYourStory with AHLT & Origin Films

Upon discovering the gift of scent our heroine is taken on a sensory journey that is symbolic of the quest we too have undergone to find our signature range of home fragrance solutions. The journey you witness is also a perfect representation of the imagery we see when testing our blends with flashes of tree littered landscapes with a dusting of snow, a roaring fire blazing in the wind and a juicy pomegranate mystery waiting to be solved.
#MyHouseLikeThis - 8 - Theresa Gromski-AHLT-interiors-homefragrance-christmas-candle

#MyHouseLikeThis - 8 - Theresa Gromski

Struggling to learn how best to layer your home and fuse genres together? Look no further! With the Winter well and truly upon us there really is no better time to plan your home for some serious cosy nights in, and whilst we might have you covered on the scented candle front, why not have a look at what we uncovered when we stepped through the doors of the wonderful home of Theresa Gromski!
#MyHouseLikeThis - 7 - The House That Black Built-AHLT-interiors-homefragrance-christmas-candle

#MyHouseLikeThis - 7 - The House That Black Built

"I think your home should be the most special place in the world to you. Regardless of how big it is or how fancy it is, it’s your little safe place. Somewhere that’s just yours. I don’t ever take that for granted." - Chelsea from The House That Built tells all on her magically monochrome home in this #BlackIsMyHappyColour special of #MyHouseLikeThis
SoLo Craft Fair at Winterville Clapham Common-AHLT-interiors-homefragrance-christmas-candle

SoLo Craft Fair at Winterville Clapham Common

AHLT scented candles, eco-friendly reed diffusers and home fragrances went down a storm at Winterville, Clapham Common with South London Craft Fair We had an amazing weekend decking the stalls with guilt-free home fragrances at Winterville this past weekend as part of the SoLo Craft Fair.
Winter : Styled By Scent-AHLT-interiors-homefragrance-christmas-candle

Winter : Styled By Scent

Discover our Winter Collection plus for a limited time only you can buy two Home Candles or Reed Diffusers and get 1 Travel Candle or Scent Solution for free!

AHLT & House of Coco-AHLT-interiors-homefragrance-christmas-candle

AHLT & House of Coco

We are delighted to share that AHLT has been selected to feature in Volume 12 of luxury magazine House of Coco plus a lovely interview where we got to share a little bit about our history, a few random facts. To find out more about this fantastic opportunity and to learn more about our feature, read on...

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