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GARLAND | Pine Needle & Eucalyptus | Soy Wax Melts

A House Like This

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GARLAND / scented soy wax melts with Pine Needle & Eucalyptus

Our Winter and Christmas Collection has grown and we're pleased to introduce a brand new scent to our Library, just in time for cosy nights at home.

GARLAND is a herbal and comforting blend inspired by the rewarding, woody aromas of fresh fir festive decorations and of course Judy herself, the star of our favourite Christmas movie The Wizard of Oz. 

Your home will feel refreshed yet calm, cleansed yet grounded by a scent that manages to perfectly capture that unmistakable aroma of Christmas trees. GARLAND promises to lift your mood, give you a boost and help you focus this Winter. 


1. Pop a wax melt cube from the packaging by applying a little pressure to the coating that surrounds the soy wax cube.
2. Place your wax melt cube onto an appropriate melt burner dish
3. Add a tealight candle under the melting dish of your wax melt warmer and light
4. After a few minutes, the cube will melt and release the scent. 
Safety Advice: Never leave a melt burner unattended, near an open window or in easy reach of children or pets. One wax melt will deliver strong scent up to 3 times with a regular tealight/melt burner. When you wish to refresh simply add another wax melt or to remove a wax melt from your max melt burner extinguish the tealight and allow the wax to cool. You can scoop out the cooler wax with a spoon and discard appropriately. 
For more candle care advice visit our candle care page and be sure to inform recipients of candle gifts to burn responsibly and with feeling. Discover our full AHLT range of scented candles at
A House Like This soy wax melts
Signature Collection of AHLT hand-poured soy wax melts
100% Natural Soy Wax with fragrance oils 
AHLT soy wax melts with six cubes of long-lasting fragrance.