Creating Our Multi-sensory Aromatherapy Collection

Creating Our Multi-sensory Aromatherapy Collection

Our new multi-sensory Aromatherapy Collection is almost here, and we are so excited to share it with you!

Over the past year, we have been expertly curating a new range of 100% natural essential oils, for a cosmos-connecting Aromatherapy experience like no other. In addition to all the mood-enhancing benefits that come from diffusing natural oils in your home, our Essential Oil Blends are a multi-sensory Self-Care Guide for mindfulness combining scent, sound and solace for the ultimate mindful moment. Each of our Aromatherapy oils have been paired with a unique soundtrack and set of wellness tips, to help you reconnect your mind and body, immerse yourself in the present, and restore feelings of clarity and calm. 

The Mindful Edit Essential Oil Blend Gift Set 

Music and Mindfulness 

Music has the ability to lower stress levels, increase your focus and powerfully shift your state of mind. It can quieten that incessant, and often negative, voice in your head that is so consumed with the past or the future that it stops you fully engaging in the present. 

With levels of stress and anxiety on the rise, we wanted to create a product that promoted self-care and empowered people to prioritise their mental health. 

By pairing our new range of Aromatherapy oils with music, we are able to offer a unique and multi-sensory experience that allows you to engage in a simple, mindful practice in the comfort of your own home.

Check out our original mindfulness music with an AHLT twist over on Spotify 

AHLT A House Like This The Mindful Edit Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends and Mindfulness Music

Discover our Scentscapes

As soon as you receive your order of Aromatherapy oils from A House Like This, you can begin your Scentscape journey. 

Simply scan the QR code on the bottle to discover the scent story and profile of your chosen fragrance as well as product tips to help you get the most out of your oils and diffusers.

An immersive Aromatherapy Treatment like no other

You will unlock exclusive access to handcrafted Spotify playlists and mindfulness content that enables you to engage in a blissfully, mindful experience that you’ll want to indulge in again and again.  

Drift off with the DREAMER, feel energised with the EXPLORER, and find solace in the STORYTELLER...

Our handpicked playlists have been crafted with the properties and benefits of our essential oil blends in mind. 

The DREAMER playlist is an eight hour, tried and tested sleep soundtrack, which includes an original song that was crafted for use in conjunction with the DREAMER essential oil blend. Each track has been carefully chosen for its ambient and calming properties, and is designed to give you a soothing and restorative night’s sleep. 

DREAMER Aromatherapy Treatment Playlist from A House Like This

The STORYTELLER playlist is curated with acoustic and instrumental tracks that have a cosy Autumn-Winter vibe. Inspired by log fires and winter walks in the woods, this playlist is both comforting and uplifting, like its namesake, the STORYTELLER blend. If you’re having a grey day and need some solace from a friend, look no further than the STORYTELLER. 

STORYTELLER Aromatherapy Treatment Playlist from A House Like This

The EXPLORER playlist combines laid-back trip-hop with more up-beat, rousing tracks for when you need to lose yourself in distant memories of parties in paradise. Designed to energise and invigorate, this playlist is the perfect soundtrack to pair with the EXPLORER blend to bring that tropical island feeling a little closer to home.   

EXPLORER Energising Playlist for Aromatherapy Treatment from A House Like This

Whatever your mind and body craves, allow our DREAMER, EXPLORER and STORYTELLER guides to take you on a journey and fulfil your wellness needs. 

Where will our Scentscapes take you?

As with the rest of our Scent Library this new collection has been designed to compliment our existing range. Try layering scent throughout you home when your diffuse our Essential Oil Blends, for example try burning a GARLAND eco candle whilst you diffuser your EXPLORER Essential Oil Blend in an Aroma Diffuser for a energy boost. 

The Aromatherapy Collection from AHLT is available to now order from Check out the full collection here


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