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Maximise the benefits of our luxury skincare

Our luxury hand lotions and washes had an upgrade at the end of last year. We've always prided ourselves on our eco credentials, but we never get complacent and assume we’ve done all that we can do for our footprint and the planet. That’s why we ditched the recyclable plastic packaging in 2021 for an even more conscious design – our scent preserving black-violet glass. 

This sleek and elegant re-brand means that our new bottles are now easily recyclable for everyone, and could even be refilled at your local zero-waste shop if you wanted to hang on to the bottles for a little longer. 

So that’s one thing to help you sleep a little easier at night – but how can you incorporate our hand washes and lotions into your daily routine to help boost your mood and really maximise the benefits of their ingredients?

Introducing….scent layering! 

Simply put, scent layering involves using more than one fragrance at a time. But there is actually more of an art to it than just lighting two different candles or applying two different body creams at once. Done right, scent layering can help your fragrances last longer and increase the impact they have on your wellbeing. 

Naturally derived, scented products all have their own unique benefits, and scent layering involves being a bit of a mixologist to find the best combinations that work for you. Read our full scent layering guide to learn more about how this works. 


How to scent layer with skincare 

Have you ever noticed how some people’s perfume or aftershave manages to last all day, without it coming across as overbearing? If you have, there might be some scent layering at play! Scent layering with skincare involves carefully chosen hand washes, body lotions and perfumes or aftershaves that share complementary notes, and it is the layers of fragrance that encourages the longevity of the overall scent. 

Not only that, but scent layering enables you to create a truly signature scent that is unlikely to be shared by anyone else! 


How can I make scent layering work for me and my AHLT skincare products?

Let’s say you have a favourite perfume that’s particularly floral – perhaps one with notes of lily. This would be a perfect pairing with our PERSEPHONE or PEONY hand wash and hand lotion because of their shared floral notes. 

Dark and sensual, PERSEPHONE boasts a blend of hypnotic pomegranate, lily, and lush raspberry, whilst its companion PEONY comprises fresh rose, blush apples and notes of leather.  

You’ll want to generously apply the hand lotion before spritzing your perfume (as applying perfume to moisturised skin helps the scent stick around for longer) and of course there’s no need to stop at your wrists! Rub the lotion into dry patches of skin and rough elbows to keep your skin silky soft and smelling sumptuous. 

By using the hand wash throughout the day and reapplying the hand lotion, you’ll help your perfume last longer, maximise the mood-boosting properties of each ingredient, all whilst creating a signature scent that’s as unique as you are. 

Layering skincare with home fragrance?

If you’re a real mixology pro, you’ll take the scent layering one step further by utilising your fragranced skincare in conjunction with your home fragrance. For example, you might add a few pumps of PERSEPHONE or PEONY hand wash into a hot bath whilst burning its namesake candle, allowing the decadent notes to wash over your skin as they also fill the room. Pure luxury! 

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FYGGE - Black Fig, Cedar & Tonka Bean 

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