Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Something Wicked This Way Comes...


Hello and welcome to AHLT.

We have been taking our time to build the perfect digital dwelling for our new venture and we are so excited to share it with you. In this first post we're going to give you an overview of who we are and what you can expect to see from AHLT in the coming months. 


If you've been following our journey you'll already know that A House Like This really came about when we began our renovation project in December 2016. Who do I mean when I say we? Well, we are Ky and James and you can read more about us here. This blog is probably going to be more interesting though... 

We shared our project on Instagram (@ahouselikethis) which was initially just intended to serve as our own timeline of events with a view to motivate and inspire us on those days when the excitement of DIY would inevitably lose its shine. As we shared each snap, without really paying much attention to what it is to create a good social media following, it soon became clear that there was a whole community of interior lovers out there and we had found ourselves mixed up in a wondrous world of houses and hashtags. 

As our renovation progressed we came across brand after brand that would inspire us on our quest to style our home, but there was always something missing...

We were DIY'ing without doing It ourselves.

Why hadn't we created AHLT at this point? We'd talked about it over and over and it was time to sort that out!

During 2017 we produced many test batches of our scented soy candles, finally settling on the perfect mix just in time for Christmas.  We obsessed over the complexity of the process and yearned for the perfect wax to oil ratio which is not as easy as you'd expect and different from scent to scent and wax to wax. It was incredibly important that our candles made a statement, they had to have a powerful scent throw (both hot and cold) and really look the part. 

We can truly say that we have poured our hearts and souls into making a collection we're really proud of. The Signature Collection of scented soy candles at AHLT references our favourite fragrance inspirations and evokes fond memories of the people and places that inspired them. I'm sure all of these stories will come to light in our blog as we progress, so that's something to look forward to in the future. 

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We'll be sharing some suggestions for Mother's Day in the coming days and if you're ever unsure please do use our handy "Mood Matcher"...

Thats all for now, make sure you burn after reading (your candles that is :) )

From our home to yours,

Ky & James @ AHLT




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