AHLT PARADISIA Candle - A Harmonious Scent With Melodic Inspiration

AHLT PARADISIA Candle - A Harmonious Scent With Melodic Inspiration

Introducing the Scent of Freedom - the PARADISIA scented soy candle from A House Like This. Discover our new grapefruit and patchouli-scented candle from AHLT, combining harmonious scent and sounds for those seeking a summertime escape...

PARADISIA is a unique blend of our natural soy wax with a three-part harmony of grapefruit, rosemary and patchouli-scented oils to make your heart sing. If you're after a vibrant yet calming fragrance as we head into the warmer months then this is the candle for you. 


You may be wondering why yet another unusual name for the latest release from A House Like This? Well if you've followed us so far you know that each candle scent we create has a story to tell...

When we began AHLT we were obsessed with the album Sound of Freedom by the lovely Paradisia, an all-girl trio from London with a wonderful style and sound that draws on our love for all things Fleetwood Mac, Mamas and Papas and The Pierces. As we began looking for a namesake for our new scent we followed our usual route of scouring for the old English, Norse or sometimes Turkish names (a nod to Ky's heritage) for the perfect title. It was during this search that James remembered that the grapefruit, the main flavour to PARADISIA is from the citrus x paradisi species...and that's when things got interesting. 

We reached out to Paradisia after meeting them at a performance in London to ask if they'd let us name our latest candle release after them and they were thrilled to have a candle from A House Like This bearing the same title. 

More about the band...

Recognise Paradisia? You may have caught the girls in their gorgeous feature in Wonderland Magazine last Summer or perhaps you've heard that they once provided the soundtrack for a Burberry runway? It could be that you've frequented established city venue The Ned and seen one of their evocative live performances or heard their breathtaking rendition of Bruce Springsteen's Dancing In The Dark? Either way, if you're not familiar then you're in for a treat...

Sophie, Kristy and Anna are a trio that oozes style and create undeniably blissful music that is impossible to ignore. Whilst very much "now" they have managed to harness all the best 70's inspired fashion that's been emerging here and there and kick it up to the next level, bringing an authentic and unique musical fabric of haunting harmony, delicate piano and ethereal strings along for the ride. Ever wondered what A House Like This sounds like? These girls provide a wonderful soundtrack to our home and we highly recommend them!

Sophie, Kristy and Anna pictured above inspired PARADISIA Candle from A House Like This. Photo credit : Wonderland Magazine 


So if you like your sounds soothing and scent-sational candles look no further than this very blog. Get your hands on the brilliant first album and fill your home both with the perfect Sound of Freedom and the scent of PARADISIA, made exclusively by AHLT. 

And as always, burn with feeling!




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