Conscious Living | A House Like This featured in The Metro

Conscious Living | A House Like This featured in The Metro

Ky & James, founders of AHLT were featured in The Metro last week along with puppy Ezra. If you've yet to take a look at the article, read on for more details...

What do you get when you take two creative guys who have a love for dark interior styles and find them a house to renovate? Well, for us it meant finally taking the plunge and beginning our home fragrance business, AHLT - inspired by seeking calm and creating a sanctuary during our renovation story A House Like This...

We've been lucky enough to have fantastic support through features in the press during our first 18 months and last week's feature in the property section of The Metro was an amazing highlight for us. Not only was the feature an opportunity for us to share our story so far but to also partner with a cause that means a lot to us. The article spoke more about the background to AHLT rather than our products itself and it gave the reader the opportunity to learn more about how we've gone about taking on a huge project whilst aiming to be environmentally conscious. 

We spoke heavily for our fondness for finding and reviving vintage furniture from charity stores such as British Heart Foundation. Through BHF you can source items with character that are built to last that not only deserve a second chance but also contribute to life changing research.

It can be, as with fashion, tempting to buy into convenience however as the great Vivienne Westwood once said : "Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last..." a mantra we strive to put forward in our home, our purchase decisions and our own business. 


To read article in full simply visit The Metro and take a look! We've thrilled to have had such a personal article that really captures the spirit (and spirit boards!) of our monochrome home!


James, Ky & Ezra in the recently completed garden a huge project that was documented on their renovation story instagram @ahouselikethis

We hope you love the article just as much as we have! Finally, watch this space for more news on conscious living and how we've created a home filled with items that you too can source that won't cost you or the earth...

Until next time,
Ky, James & Ezra 



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