No tricks, just treats in our Autumn and Winter Scent Collection

No tricks, just treats in our Autumn and Winter Scent Collection

When the dark nights draw in, we love nothing more than closing the curtains on the world, embalmed by the glow of our favourite candles and wrapped up in scent. 

We relish everything about this time of year – crunchy leaves underfoot when we go for long walks, drinking mulled wine in front of an open fire, the merriment and magic in the lead up to Christmas – and we’ve used all of it as inspiration for our Autumn and Winter Scent Collection. 

Here you’ll find a roundup of everything in the range to help you choose the best home fragrances to see you through the season. 


A sensual and spooky embodiment of All Hallows Eve, our HALLOWS fragrance blends herbaceous mugwort with smoky incense and the sweet decadence of oudh. 

Oudh has long been believed to promote serenity of spirit, enhance mental clarity and remove negative energies. HALLOWS is the perfect companion for all your mischievous incantations on a dark and mystical night.  

HALLOWS Incense and Oudh Wax Melts- AHLT - A House Like This - 80g

Available as an Eco Candle, Scent Solution and Soy Wax Melts.


The lactonic facets of our FYGGE scent are beautifully paired with coconut and sandalwood to create an intriguing fragrance that is both alluringly woody and milky-sweet. The spicy, warm notes of star-anise, which are known to enhance relaxation and improve sleep patterns, make FYGGE a perfect fragrance to bunker down with against the Autumn and Winter months. 

FYGGE Black Fig and Tonka Bean Candle - AHLT - A House Like This - 220g

Available as an Eco Candle, Scent Solution and Soy Wax Melts 


If you’re looking to spark a little romance during your cosy nights in, our FYRE blend combines honeyed notes of ancient saffron, smoky embers and the sexy muskiness of jasmine to leave you feeling relaxed and sensual. Jasmine is well known as a fragrance to improve mood, and is even thought to have an aphrodisiac effect. Re-light your fire with our FYRE scent this Autumn. 

FYRE Embers and Jasmine Scent Solution - AHLT - A House Like This - 30ml

Available as an Eco Candle and Scent Solution



PERSEPHONE encapsulates all things dark and delicious, with a tempting blend of enchanting pomegranate, sweet raspberry and black amber. 

We love PERSEPHONE for her complexities and contradictions. Though in ancient stories, her association to the underworld connotes destruction, the pomegranate fruit, to which she is enduringly linked, represents rebirth, fertility and love. The woodiness of black amber against the sweet, fruity notes make this wintry scent as intriguing and beguiling as her namesake. 

PERSEPHONE Pomegranate Noir Candle - AHLT - A House Like This - 220g

Available as an Eco Candle, Scent Solution and Soy Wax Melts 



Our WYNTER fragrance is a festive must-have, with notes of sweet orange, spicy cinnamon and warming clove to fill your home with Christmas spirit.  

Whether you’re decorating the tree, putting your feet up in front of the fire or dancing around to Christmas hits, our warming WYNTER blend is as essential to the holiday season as mistletoe, Christmas jumpers and mulled wine, and makes for a perfect stocking filler too!

WYNTER Sweet Orange and Clove Wax Melts- AHLT - A House Like This - 80g



There’s a peacefulness to Winter, one of quiet woodlands, silent nights and crisp stillness in the air. These moments of calm are encapsulated in our GARLAND scent, with its fresh and herbal aromas of eucalyptus, fir and pine tree. 

Find winter solace with this blissful blend, and enjoy the invigorating power of the great outdoors when you’re safe, warm and cosy inside. 

GARLAND Pine and Eucalyptus Cinder Candle - AHLT - A House Like This

Available as an Eco Candle, Scent Solution, Soy Wax Melts and Cinder Candle


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