Blue Monday: Tips for battling the January blues

Blue Monday: Tips for battling the January blues
January is the perfect storm to bring on a bout of the blues. The weather is cold, the days are short and after the magic of Christmas to carry you along, there’s a definite slump in everyone’s mood. If you’re feeling down heading into the New Year, please know you’re not alone. The Samaritans estimate that around 20% of people experience depression in January, compared with 4.5% at any other time in the year. 

Here are our top 5 tips to try and help keep the blues at bay this month

Get Moving 

The benefits of regular exercise include better sleep, higher self-esteem and happier moods from the release of all those lovely endorphins and all of these things can help to combat depression. 
You don’t have to commit to running marathons or climbing a mountain to feel the effects. Going for a brisk walk, taking a yoga class or even performing simple stretches at home is a good way to start. 

AHLT Blue Monday: Tips for battling the January blues - go for a run and boost your energy levels with the explorer essential oil blend

Combining a yoga sequence with your favourite essential oil is a great way to engage your mind and body. To help you unwind in the evening, try our DREAMER essential oil, and to help you feel energised at the start of the day, choose the EXPLORER which you can even use in the shower tray for an awakening Aromatherapy treat. Can’t decide which one best suits your mood? Then you need The Mindful Edit – a decadent gift set with our three most trusted aromatherapy guides. 

EXPLORER Essential Oil Blend for an energising aromatherapy experience from AHLT


Get outside

A lack of daylight in January is a huge factor in people’s low moods. To combat this, try and get outside as much as possible. A bracing walk in the crisp outdoors can often work wonders for our mental health, so try to jump on the next dry day that comes along and embrace the fresh air. You can treat yourself to comfy pyjamas and a hot chocolate when you get back! 

Get outside this winter for fresh air and a natural energy boost 

Prioritise self care 

It’s really important to look after yourself when you’re feeling vulnerable, and this includes eating well, being kind to yourself and prioritising self care. Allow yourself the time and space to do things that make you feel good – whether that be booking in for a massage, taking a day off, going for a hair cut or having a bit of a pamper. 
Our skin care range of hand washes and lotions are kind to your skin and the planet and are the perfect way to indulge in a bit of daily TLC. Try ATLANTIS for a soothing blend of rock salt and driftwood to soften your skin and invoke calming thoughts of the ocean.  

ATLANTIS Hand Wash and Lotion from AHLT

Unplug from technology 

Whilst technology can be wonderful for keeping us entertained and staying in touch with friends and family, too much screen time (especially social media time) can have a damaging impact on our mental health.
Take time to unplug from technology, avoiding social media sites, busy WhatsApp groups and troubling news headlines. All of these things can play on our minds, making us feel stressed and anxious without really knowing why. 
Instead, put down your phone and spend time reading a book, listening to music or doing something creative. We love creating a cosy ambiance at home with scented candles and our aroma diffuser whilst we enjoy a bit of mindfulness. The STORYTELLER is our favourite companion for these kinds of stay-at-home activities as it’s the perfect blend of comforting cinnamon and warming sweet orange to leave you feeling calm and content.  

You can also get your smart phone to work harder for you during your Aromatherapy experience and avoid other apps that might impact your mood. Only engaging with your phone for activities that make you feel good is a hard discipline to learn but can help ward off unwanted thoughts. Change the location of certain apps (usually social media!) that cause low mood and prioritise those that make you feel good on your home screen. Before you prepare for mindfulness try the STORYTELLER Spotify Playlist we curated including our mood boosting composition for you to enjoy whilst you diffuse the scent to feel happier or the energising EXPLORER soundscape - these are two positive examples of how to engage with technology during this time! 

EXPLORER Essential Oil Blend Mindfulness Content

Worried it’s something more? Reach out! 

For some people, the January blues is more than just a passing slump. The symptoms of clinical depression are mixed and some can be surprising. Have a look at these symptoms of depression on the NHS website to see if how you’re feeling is more concerning than a bout of the blues. If you are worried, talk to someone you trust about how you feel, or seek advice from a professional - your GP is usually a good first port of call. 
Below are some useful resources for anyone worried about their own mental health, or the mental health of someone they know. Do reach out if you need to - no one should suffer in silence. 

The Samaritans - Support service for anyone who’s struggling to cope or who needs someone to listen without judgement or pressure.
Mind Charity - Resources, support and information about mental health
Snow Camp - Free text support for young people 
Headspace - A mindfulness app to help you prioritise your mental health 
Switchboard - A helpline connecting LGBTQ+ people with a range of support services 


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