5 Top Tips For A Mindful Makeover with IKEA | AHLT Blog

5 Top Tips For A Mindful Makeover with IKEA | AHLT Blog

Inspired by IKEA’s AW20 trend Highland Heritage

Looking to achieve a timeless look? It’s easy when blending classic styles with modern items, layering up textures and materials to spark interest. Here are our top 5 tips for creating a mindful makeover that will not only look awesome, but help you feel your best at home too.

A House Like This and IKEA Collaboration - Mindful Makeovers at home during Lockdown in the Coronavirus Pandemic

1. Space Saving Strategies

You can make a smaller space feel much more infinite with a smart combination of narrow and compact furniture that doesn’t scrimp on style. The STRANDMON Wing Chair offers simplistic design, incredible comfort and the opportunity to extend for lounging if you want to put your feet up. The earthy and timeless dark green weave of the wing chair feels like the epitome of English heritage, the kind of elegant chair you’d expect to find yourself lost in on a Sunday whilst reading a good book. 

We’ve made space saving design choices that have allowed us to do more with the living room space and still achieve a much cosier ambience as a result. We switched out one of our battered vintage Chesterfield Tub Chairs for IKEA’s STRANDMON wing chair and footstool in Tallmyra dark green, a sleek and timeless design that feels right at home and is already being dubbed the best seat in the house (even Ezra’s taken to guarding it during the day). This simple and effective refresh has also allowed room for a beautiful glossy side table and plant, adorned with greenery to really help us bring the outdoors in true Highland Heritage style. 


2. Create Pockets of Light

Creating pockets of light can create cosy and inviting spaces and are much easier on the eye than full powered ceiling lighting. Uplight your shelving and create a sense of height with layered lighting options to switch in and out throughout the day. Adding lights at different levels throughout the space also helps create a cosy and warming ambience which is soothing and calming, ideal after a busy day of zoom meetings and tiresome news updates. 

Atop the ÄSPERÖD table is an affordable industrial style lamp, the TÄRNABY which looks like a vintage oil lamp with an exposed, dimmable bulb offering complete control over mood lighting.  For softer, overhead lighting we’ve also opted for the BAROMETER in a gold nickel finish. 

IKEA's AW20 Highland Heritage Trend as seen in the home of Ky and James, AHLT - A House Like This Candle Co


3. Plants-a-plenty 

You can’t bring the outdoors in successfully without styling your space with plenty of plants. Plants are a must in a dark space and pop wonderfully against inky and moodier paint colours. When IKEA offered us the chance to choose items to style up our space, we opted for the PACHIRA AQUATIC, a money plant with a braided trunk that gives texture and breathes new life into the room.


4. Layer & Texture Your Space

The Highland Heritage trend champions a mix of natural textures, exposed wood, plants and furs and hides too. We managed to cover up a world of sins by adorning our vintage 3-seater Chesterfield with a beautiful cowhide from IKEA which really looks the part and has made the sitting room space feel completely different. 

IKEA's cowhide is an excellent natural and sustainably sourced item to revive interiors


The glossy finish of the ÄSPERÖD side table features stain resistant tempered glass with powder coated black metal that feels luxurious and helps throw the light upward in a small space. We’ve added in thick wool throw in a wintery tartan and introduced new, natural woven baskets to add additional texture to the room. 


5. Sustainable & Mindful choices

You might think that we were drawn to IKEA’s AW20 Highland Heritage trend due to its obvious synergy with our style, the muted colour palette and blend of both traditional and modern styles but it was also IKEA’s focus on natural, sustainable materials that felt like the right fit for us. So, when looking around your home and challenging how it should work for you, also ask yourself what matters to you.

IKEA’s AW20 Highland Heritage trend promotes sustainability and items made with natural materials. We are also incredibly excited to see the development of IKEA’s recycling scheme which would be yet again another great and mindful way to revamp your space without being wasteful. 

So, there you have it, those are our top tips for a mindful makeover.
Will you be giving it a go in your home this Winter?
IKEA's Highland Heritage at the home of AHLT owners Ky, James and Ezra
IKEA's Highland Heritage Trend AW20 as seen in the home of Ky and James, AHLT - A House Like This Candle Co



Discover more home inspiration at IKEA and make your home look and feel just as good as you deserve to this Winter!  


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