Skincare Re-imagined

Skincare Re-imagined

2021 was a time for a change for AHLT. Throughout the year we've redesigned our brand image, refreshed our website, and pushed our product design further to bring you even more mindful moments that feel as good for the mind as they do for body and soul. 

When we launched our Hand Washes & Lotions in 2020 there was such a fabulous response however we knew it was only the beginning.

We've always prided ourselves on our eco credentials but we never settle. This year we set ourselves the task of re-imagining the range and ditching the recyclable plastic for an even more conscious design - our scent preserving black-violet glass. 


Our No. 1 blend of black fig with coconut, vanilla, tonka bean and cedarwood is a rewarding and restorative scent to make your skin sing. Our washes can be used for both hand and body and the soothing lotion will help you feel grounded and calm during the Autumn and Winter. 

Top Tip : During a winters day, diffuse our STORYTELLER essential oil and after washing hands with FYGGE Hand & Body Wash soften your skin with FYGGE lotion paying close attention to dry areas. 


Dark and sensual, PERSEPHONE boasts a blend of hypnotic pomegranate, lily, and lush raspberry. 

Top Tip: Adding a few pumps into a hot bath whilst you burn our PERSEPHONE candle will help you feel a sense of pure luxury. 


Fresh rose, blush apples and notes of leather and peony burst together to form our PEONY scent. First introduced as a candle PEONY has since evolved into our Scent Solution and we're delighted to welcome it into our skincare collection. 

Top Tip: PEONY is a brightening scent that will be welcoming for when you're hosting. Display your PEONY wash and lotion in your bathroom when guests visit to give them a luxury treat. 


Picture white sands and crystal waters, the feeling of fresh bed linen and soft cotton brushing against your skin. ATLANTIS captures salty sea air and marine botanicals and speaks to those who a drawn to cleansing scents. A morning shower must-have with an uplifting lotion for a fresh start to the day. 

Top Tip : ATLANTIS is a great choice for a refreshing morning shower. Add a few drops of your EXPLORER Essential Oil blend before to feel energised and cleansed. 


An afternoon lazying in the shade of a citrus grove, with notes of thyme, iris, and basil scenting the air. CITRON fuses peppery herbs with lime and mandarin to take you back to cherished Summer memories. A perfect scent to inspire and energise and layers beautifully our EXPLORER essential oil blend

Top Tip: For a mid-afternoon burst of energy diffuse your EXPLORER essential oil blend and soothe your skin with CITRON wash and lotion for a taste of summer. 

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