Stay informed & WIN with AHLT!

Stay informed & WIN with AHLT!

Secure your space as a VIP customer & we can make sure you stay informed plus we’ll enter you into our prize draw to win one of four AHLT home candles worth £25 each!


Getting the house in order…

We know you’re getting lots of emails and reading lots of articles about the EU General Data Protection Regulation and we are committed to getting our house like this in order...

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy so VIP’s like you know exactly what we do with your very important data. Please ensure you are familiar with the Privacy Policy here.


Why do you need my consent! We’ve only just met?

We need to get your consent if we’re to continue communicating with you as per the General Data Protection Regulation. All existing email subscribers will have received a notice to confirm their interest in receiving further communication. If you want to receive emails like an AHLT VIP or need to confirm your space please read through our Privacy Policy and submit your details here


Not interested in being a VIP?

No problem, simply unsubscribe from future email content or disregard this email. All customers who fail to give consent will be removed from our VIP subscriber lists.


Why am I getting so many messages from my favourite stores asking me to opt in?

In short, due to the General Data Protection Regulation businesses must ensure all customers have the ability to explicitly opt in to receiving ongoing communication and brands like ourselves need to ensure you know what we’re doing with your personal data.
AHLT commit the same level of transparency with regards to customer data as we do with how we produce our hand crafted products. Please check our privacy policy and make sure you’re happy to keep receiving content.
We are a growing business with a loyal base and want to ensure we can continue to deliver our services to you whilst remaining respectful of your data and 100% compliant with the new regulation.

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