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Let's face it. This Summer was a bit of a let down. After a long period of being stuck inside we all wanted to make the most of it. We’re thinking: picnics in the park, walks on the beach, barbeques in the garden and long summer nights with family and friends (okay, we might have to do a bit of work too…)

We have scents to match every Summer vibe - whether you need cooling down on a muggy night, are in search of something bright and uplifting to match the spring in your step, or you need something to refresh your skin after a long, hot day in the sun. A House Like This has got you covered. 

CITRONTONIC and PARADISIA are our go-to favourite Summer scents, and they’re available in a variety of products in the AHLT range. Better yet, if you're familiar with AHLT you'll be pleased to know we've just dropped a brand new scent, ATLANTIS - a coastal scent with marine majesty. Discover the benefits of each fragrance below, and find the perfect product combinations to see you through the Summer season. 


Step into paradise with our PARADISIA signature scent; a blend of zesty grapefruit, aromatic rosemary and patchouli. With its comforting, earthy tones, this fragrance brings calm and restores clarity at the end of a hot and hectic day – the perfect way to unwind on those warm summer nights. 


We didn’t name this scent ‘TONIC’ for nothing. Notes of citrus and cucumber are mixed with the calming properties of black tea, bergamot, pine and cedar to form the perfect antidote to oppressive Summer heat. This fragrance is as good as a crisp G&T to cool you down on a hot day (or perhaps even better, as there’s no foggy head in the morning!) 



You don’t get more tropical than a fruity blend of citrus favourites like lime and mandarin orange, which we’ve combined with basil, thyme, iris and patchouli for the ultimate Summer lift. This invigorating scent will have you transported back to those hot and hazy holidays in the Med, no matter what the weather is like in your own backyard. Discover CITRON today.  


Our latest addition to the Scent Library is a homage to ocean tides, sun kissed sands and the deep mystery of the Sea. ATLANTIS is a fresh, inspiring scent of Sea Salt and White Sage and is sure to fill your home with a sense of coastal calm. 

Your scent, your way

Candles are not just for cosy nights in during the deepest, darkest winter. Our eco-candles provide a light and crisp fragrance that fill your home with luxurious scents all year round. Whether you’re working from home, or having a dinner party with friends, you can bring those cool Summer vibes inside, with our floral and fruity signature candle scents in PARADISIA and TONIC. For something truly blissful during hot summer weather opt for a blend like ATLANTIS, to help you find a sense of calm. 

If you find it’s really too hot for candles, try an aroma diffuser with our TONIC Scent Solution, to keep you cool and refreshed. Our diffusers fill your home with a light, ambient aroma at the touch of a button, meaning you can feel instantly transported to your happy place, even when working from home.

From all of us at A House Like This, we hope you've had a beautiful Summer - but let's hope for more sunny weather right? 


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