The 7 Wonders of The AHLT SUPREME Candle!

The 7 Wonders of The AHLT SUPREME Candle!

Today we're talking about an exciting new chapter in the AHLT story, the birth of not only our largest, most luxurious scented soy candle yet but an exciting new skill we've acquired! We're now able to offer personalisation to your candle gift orders making them just that little bit more magical yet still stylish and sophisticated. As always with our product development we paced ourselves to give our latest release the time she needed to become fully rounded much like the trials and tribulations that her namesake had to endure...

Introducing The AHLT SUPREME Candle!

We're both huge fans of American Horror Story and would argue that Coven and Apocalypse are quite possibly two of the best seasons. Perhaps it's because those are the two that dive right into mystical forces and take you on journeys that are both captivating and emotively tantalising too, after all that's what we aim to achieve with the extra scentsory perfection (ESP for short!) we strive to achieve through curating the AHLT Scent Library. Add to the fact that the show is filled with absolutely stunning home styling, shot fantastically and, as always with Ryan Murphy's work, celebrates diversity and promotes positive messages for the LGBTQ+ community it's really no wonder we found inspiration in it. Plus, we're self confessed geeks and love Fleetwood Mac so any TV show that has a cameo from Stevie Nick's as the Great White Witch has got to be awesome right? 
So, let's get down to business. Perhaps your coven needs a little bit of ESP? Or maybe you're looking at new years resolutions that will help you define you own guilt-free supremacy - either way here's 7 Wonderful Reasons Why You Need The NEW SUPREME Candle! And yes, we've put our SUPREME through all Seven Wonders tests to make sure she's worthy of the title!



So the first of the Seven Wonders involves using mind over matter. Whilst THE SUPREME won't turn you into Matilda any time soon (we're working on it, promise!) we are giving you the power to manipulate matter with the brilliant power of your mind! For the first time ever you can personalise your order by choosing your own Scent from our 4 Bestselling Signature fragrances from the AHLT Scent Library. If that wasn't enough, use your new powers to cast a spell over our trademark labels and create something unique for your gift recipient!


The second of the Seven Wonders is called "Concillium", the ability to control thoughts and memories. Well, we believe THE SUPREME Candle has enough about her to do just that. She'll create new memories with her impressive scent throw no matter which one of our Signature Scents you choose! Perhaps she'll be scented with PERSEPHONE, our dark pomegranate fragrance and bring a sensual and deliciously dark scent into your home to help release ones inhibiitions? Perhaps she'll take on the form of TONIC and breathe new life with lush lime, cool cucumber and blissful bergamot? The choice is yours so get memory making!


The third of the Seven Wonders is the ability to control fire and take it from us, we've worked hard to perfect our SUPREME's ability to create a cosy and homely glow with the power of three luxury dipped wicks for maximum scent release and our trademark clean burning natural soy wax. Keep your wicks trim between use and they'll be the wickedest wicks you'll ever see!


The fourth of the Seven Wonders is Divination. Is it really possible to know an object, person or place inside and out without touching it? Luckily for you our SUPREME is no different to the rest in her candle coven. She's hand poured in our South London studio with 100% natural soy wax and our signature blends of premium fragrance and essential oils. You don't need a super power to see into this one, she's guilt-free and made honestly from our home to yours.


The fifth of the Seven Wonders is Transmutation, or in simple terms the ability to take yourself someplace new. Our Scent Library boasts a range of unique fragrances that can take you on journeys you never thought possible from the comfort of your own home. Just light the SUPREME up and see where she'll take you. Our FYGGE fragrance makes us think of walking in the woods with its earthy tones whereas our PYRIGE scent of fresh pear is a welcome retreat to an orchard in Spring time. What wonders will you see?


The sixth of the Seven Wonders was named Vitalum Vitalis and it's the ability to heal and revive, balancing the scales of one life force with another. Like the rest of our cherished range of scented soy candles the SUPREME holds the power to relax and refresh and makes the perfect gift for anyone who needs to take a step back and focus on their well being. Let the AHLT SUPREME Candle create balance and harmony in your life, or that of a loved one that you feel deserves a truly luxurious yet mindful treat.


And finally, the seventh of the wonders is Descensum which is the slightly scarier of the bunch. On Amercian Horror Story the Supreme to be had to descend into their worst fears and only the strongest can overcome their inner demons. Our SUPREME passed this one with flying colours! With our most powerful scent throw yet, clean burning soy wax and the added finesse of a truly personal message you'll never get lost and always find your way home with the SUPREME candle from AHLT.


If you like the sound of our latest release place your order today and please allow up to 7 working days for production and delivery from us receiving your request!
It's no secret that at A House Like This we have a passion for decadent period homes and jaw dropping interiors and it's our belief that no space truly feels like home or is quite ready to make memories without the magic a gorgeously guilt-free home fragrance can bring. As we embark on our second year of business we wanted to challenge ourselves further and expand our product range without losing sight of our original renovation story and all the elements of inspiration that drive us creatively.
2018 was a rollercoaster year, whilst renovating our home, starting AHLT and juggling parenting to our familiar Ezra, the black puggle puppy, it's astounding we found time to get engaged and take the trip of a lifetime too without seeking some sort of mystical power to stop time! We have have seen dreams become reality in the past 12 months and we feel very thankful and lucky to have had such a supportive network and you, our amazing customers behind us! 



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