Reflecting on the AHLT Journey: A Look Back to 2018

Reflecting on the AHLT Journey: A Look Back to 2018

In early 2018, our house renovation adventure (@ahouselikethis) set the stage for A House Like This (AHLT). The realisation that mainstream home fragrances weren't that great for your health fuelled our passion to create a line of clean-burning candles, melts, skincare, and diffuser blends. Whether you've been with us from the start or joined recently, thank you for being part of our journey. Fancy a trip through the archives? Let's go!

Our Journey So Far: AHLT's Humble Beginnings

AHLT officially began in 2018 after our first few years renovating AHLT HQ in December 2016. Despite our Christmas budget being exhausted on the house renovation we used our creative skills to begin crafting our family and friends gifts. We unearthed a candle making set and made our first batch of candles. This was the start of our journey into learning artisan candle making techniques. The first ever test candle gift can be seen below, almost an early version of what has since become EXPLORER the Essential Oil Blend. 

AHLT first ever candle

FYGGE Evolution: From Dad's Wish to Year-Round Comfort

Inspired by Ky's Dad's recurrent annual holiday wish for a fig-scented candle, FYGGE became our first and most cherished AHLT scent. Now, in an upgraded design, FYGGE is available as a candle, Scent Solution, Wax Melt Bar, Room Spray, Skincare, and Diffuser Refills. It's the scent that started it all—enjoy year-round comfort! Here's the first edition of our customers favourite scent as captured in 2018. 

AHLT Original Fygge Candle


Highlights and Achievements Over the Years

AHLT Archive Compilation

We've grown AHLT at makers markets, trade shows, and even secured features in British Vogue, Sheerluxe, Attitude, The Metro, and The Independent. The journey has been nothing short of amazing with plenty of milestones along the way.

Taking it right back, here's the digital stand design we used for our first ever trade show at Spring Fair 2019.

With Spring Fair we also partnered for the first time with Yeunite Films to create our first ever video commercial. For this Scent Story we wanted to bring our Signature Scents to life, seen here in their first edition design and branding treatment. 

Navigating Lockdown Creatively

During the challenging times of lockdown in 2020, we responded to our customers' desires with a new skincare collection. We also used the lockdowns to build our groundbreaking product range—the first-ever collection that seamlessly fused music and aromatherapy: The Mindful Edit, launched in November 2021. Crafted with the collaboration of close friends, check out the collection's soothing tracks on Spotify and discover more about our Treatment Tracks and Playlists.

The Mindful Edit saw the introduction of three disctinctive Self Care Guides with new Scent Stories for each blend. DREAMER, to calm and promote better sleep, EXPLORER to energise and escape and STORYTELLER, to comfort and uplift fused natural plant powered essences with Music and Mindfulness. The STORYTELLER Scent Story, the first blend we realised, payed homage to our first ever Scent Story above with Yeunite films producing the films and Hannah Yeubrey returning years later to show how whilst we all evolve, we still remain the same deep down. Watch The STORYTELLER Scent Story below :


With the introduction of our Aromatherapy Collection we also brought two Ceramic Aroma Diffusers to our collection. In two colourways, SHADOW and LIGHT, these timeless designs look like vases when not in use. At the touch of a button the AHLT Ceramic Diffuser turns into a scent making powerhouse for use with our Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends or Scent Solutions.

AHLT Ceramic Aroma Diffusers

Memorable Moments from 2023

Silverceramics Collab (January 2023)

Partnering with Claire Downes, the talented Ceramicist behind Silverceramics, we created a limited edition run of handcrafted Ceramic Candles in our FYGGE blend. The candle was housed in a timeless ceramic vessel with raw, natural exterior and black glazed internal jar. Each vessel was hand stamped with a unique emblem to symbolise our partnership. 

New Product Launches

In 2023 we redesigned our Signature Candles and introduced new long-lasting Room Sprays. In addition to our new collections we expanded the The Mindful Edit Aromatherapy Collection with the introduction of Aromatherapy Mood Mists for on-the-go mindfulness when you need it most. 

AHLT x House of Halliwell (May 2023)

In 2023 we began a thrilling partnership with Brian Krause, Holly Marie Combs, and Drew Fuller from the hit series Charmed. The collaboration resulted in two exclusive candles scented with Sandalwood, Cardamom and Leather for their Charmed Rewatch Podcast The House of Halliwell.

AHLT x House of Halliwell Charmed Rewatch Podcast

We were able to bring the spellbinding candles, the Whitelighter and Book of Shadows variants to Wales Comic Con, and capture this special moment with original Charmed actresses Shannen Doherty (Prue), Rose McGowan (Paige) and Holly Marie Combs (Piper). 

Top Drawer London (September 2023)

AHLT's debut at Top Drawer London, welcoming new stockists to the A House Like This family took place in September in 2023. The event saw us bringing our new products to the Kensington Olympia Trade Show which we'll be returning to in January 2024. 

AHLT A House Like This at Top Drawer London mindfully made candles, aromatherapy oils and skincare


And That's a Wrap!

As we conclude 2023, we express our deepest gratitude for your continued support. Find more about our Christmas Delivery details here, and we look forward to enchanting you with mindful magic and more in 2024!

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