Treatment Tracks & Playlists

To help elevate your Aromatherapy treatments with The Mindful Edit Essential Oil Blends Collection we've created our original Treatment Tracks and curated playlists to help boost your mood. This isn't your traditional mindfulness music, this is immersive Aromatherapy unlike anything you've experienced before with sounds you'd actually want to listen to.

When you scan the QR code on the box that your Essential Oil Blends are presented in you'll find mindfulness tips and original songs designed to help enhance the proven mood altering benefits of the plant powered essences blended in each oil. Whether you're seeking calm with DREAMER, craving comfort with STORYTELLER or summoning up boundless energy with EXPLORER we've got what you need to feel like your best self.

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Each track on The Mindful Edit was written and performed by Co Founder Ky Ismet to bring each blend to life with a slightly different twist on mindfulness music than what you might be familiar with. Created during Lockdown with his friends from performing arts college Olivia Anderson Radcliffe and Rebekah Jayne Poole these specialist songs were mindfully made just like the rest of our product range.

From the calming ambient sleep scape of Dreamer to the lush escapism of the trip-hop style Explorer we've brought each character into it's own world that you can step into when diffusing your blend and listening to the song or associated playlists. 

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Treatment tracks & playlists

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Find out how our Essential Oil Blends can help you elevate your mood through scent and sound with our Treatment Tracks and Playlists.