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AHLT x Silver Ceramics Candle Candle A House Like This

AHLT x Silverceramics Candle£50.00

Limited Edition Ceramic Candle with The Vessel A hand crafted vessel that will live on long after your candle has been burned.

Mindfully Made In London

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Our Latest Candle Collection

Our candles have been upgraded with beautifully locally sourced glassware to help preserve your scents for longer.

Reed Diffuser Refills

A more eco friendly option for scenting your home with fully recyclable pouches that contain long lasting reed diffuser oils in your favourite blends.

Palo Santo

A natural incense which is sustainably harvested to help you cleanse your home of negative energies.

AHLT x Silverceramics

A Limited Edition Ceramic Candle

Discover our collaboration with Hertfordshire based ceramicist Claire Downes of Silverceramics.

AHLT A House Like This Aromatherapy and Candle Co Founders James Burrow and Ky Ismet

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