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New Arrivals at AHLT

Posted by A House Like This Team on

By choosing AHLT you've made a decision to shop small and help us to continue our passion for making irresistible home fragrances that help you and your home look and feel fabulous - so thank you! Here's some of the latest finds from our store.

What Pride Means To Us

Posted by A House Like This Team on
Another year has been and gone and we're back to the month of June where we celebrate Pride. Pride means many things for different people in the LGBTQ+ community and for us it's a time to acknowledge how far we've come and raise awareness for those under represented members of our community. During Pride, we also find the time to educate ourselves in aspects of our community and history to connect with those that came before us.

Earth Day - How we've made AHLT more mindful

Posted by A House Like This Team on

We care about you and your world, but how are we here at AHLT investing in our planet? We’ve introduced lots of new efficiencies in 2021 to ensure that even as a small operation we uphold our ‘mindfully made always’ mission. Here's what we've been up to!

A mindful upgrade to your facemask with Essential Oils

Posted by A House Like This Team on
There are various ways for essential oils to be used for Aromatherapy– scented candles, oil-infused body lotions, a few drops added to a bath – so it occurred to us that a couple of drops of essential oil added to a reusable facemask could have a really positive impact on a person’s wellbeing when they’re simply doing a weekly shop or enduring a long commute into the office! 

12 notable figures to celebrate during LGBTQ+ History Month

Posted by A House Like This Team on

February is LGBTQ+ history Month - a time to celebrate all the brave and influential people who have contributed to the progression of LGBTQ+ rights, past and present. This is a very significant month for us, and an opportunity for us to reflect on how far the movement has come, and how far we still have to go for true equality.