Scents and Serenity at Top Drawer London SS24

Scents and Serenity at Top Drawer London SS24

Ky and James, the founders of A House Like This (AHLT), are thrilled to share the excitement of our upcoming showcase at Top Drawer London SS24.

Join them from Sunday, 14th January to Tuesday, 16th January 2024, from 9:30 am to 5 pm each day at stand L65. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with our valued partners, and unveil our captivating creations. Here's what they had to say about the joy of meeting partners in person, the power of the scent experience and some behind the scenes intel of the stand design. 

Connecting with You at Top Drawer: The Joy of In-Person Connections

Ky: "We absolutely adore Top Drawer. It's like a big reunion! Having the chance to meet our existing customers, chat about their businesses, and showcase our latest collections face-to-face—it's an absolute blast!"

James: "Also, Top Drawer is a goldmine for small businesses like ours. It's the perfect place to mingle with potential new stockists, and the atmosphere? Always electric. I'm excited to see how the new products go down, what about you Ky?"

Ky: "I cannot wait for people to try the new DREAMER skincare collection. Calming and soothing, it's perfect for all-day calm. If I've had a busy day I use the Hand and Body Wash for an evening shower and the lotion before bed. I then spritz my pillow with the DREAMER Mood Mist, pop on our 8-hour "Sounds to Sleep" playlist and have zero trouble sleeping after."

fAHLT A House Like This Top Drawer London

Sensory Bliss: Experiencing AHLT Scents Firsthand

Ky : "Now, let's talk scents! While we're working our tails off online to spin tales about our Scent Library, there's nothing like experiencing AHLT up close and personal. Fragrance is an experience, and events like Top Drawer give us that chance to let our scents do the talking."

James : "Absolutely, those three days are like a rollercoaster of motivation. Seeing how people react to our full lineup in person is a game-changer. I put my heart into designing every bit of our products, and hearing how it resonates with both existing and new buyers? That's a boost we all need! I'm excited to see what people think of the new Candle box packaging I designed, it's one of my favourite creative projects we've done so far."

Crafting Tranquility: The AHLT Stand's Design Philosophy

James : "Now, about our stand! Picture this—tranquil Apothecary vibes, a colour palette that soothes the soul, and our bold black vessels stealing the spotlight. It's like a little sanctuary amidst the hustle. If we ever had a physical store, I'd want it to be just like this."

Ky : "We can dream James! We wanted to capture an oasis of calm in the middle of chaos. Our products are all about finding those mindful moments, even when the world outside is trying its best to throw us off balance."

Join us at Top Drawer London SS24, where we'll showcase our signature scent library candles, melts, skincare, room sprays, and the exciting, yet-to-be-launched online Dreamer Hand wash & Lotion from our mindful edit aromatherapy collection. We can't wait to share these transformative scents and moments of serenity with you.

See you at stand L65!

Ky & James
Founders, A House Like This (AHLT)


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