A mindful upgrade to your facemask with Essential Oils

[WIP] A mindful upgrade to your facemask with Essential Oils

Things might be going back to ‘normal’ now, but we all know that the Covid-19 Pandemic is far from over. Despite the lifting of restrictions around the world and face coverings no longer remaining compulsory (outside of UK healthcare settings like GP surgeries, hospitals and care homes) some still feel more comfortable wearing a mask on transport or in shops.

Even in settings where facemasks are not compulsory, many people are choosing to keep this measure in place for the foreseeable future - for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. 

In fact, when the restrictions were lifted last July, two-thirds of people stated that they would choose to continue wearing a face covering despite it no longer being compulsory in certain places at the time.

The country might be divided on whether facemasks are really necessary these days, but we can all agree that wearing a face mask anywhere can be really frustrating at times. 

From running back to the car when you’ve left yours in the glove box, to having your glasses steam up within seconds – and let’s not forget that well-known feeling of pulling out a stale mask from your pocket, knowing that it’s long overdue a wash - the annoyances of wearing a mask are many! (FYI: In case you didn’t know, you should wash your mask as often as you wash your underwear!)  

But seeing as facemasks are likely to be around for a long while yet, we may as well find a way to make the mask-wearing experience a little more pleasurable. 

Add a few drops of our AHLT Essential Oil Blends to make your face mask give you a wellbeing boost 

A little facemask hack from A House Like This 

Essential oils have long been found to have mood-boosting properties. Orange oil can uplift and invigorate, peppermint is cool and refreshing, lavender is well known for its calming effect and clary sage is linked to the reduction of stress and anxiety. 

There are various ways for essential oils to be inhaled – scented candles, oil-infused body lotions, a few drops added to a bath – so it occurred to us that a couple of drops of essential oil added to a reusable facemask could have a really positive impact on a person’s wellbeing when they’re simply doing a weekly shop or enduring a long commute into the office! 

How does it work? 

Creating a mood-boosting mask only really works on a reusable facemask. Simply add a few drops of oil to the edges of your facemask and wait for it to dry. You don’t want to add the oil to the centre of the facemask because it will likely feel a bit overpowering (not to mention the fact that you won’t want it anywhere near your mouth!) 

If you still find the oil a bit much when added to the edges of your mask, try diluting the oil in water first before adding it to a fresh mask. 

Not only will this little hack keep your facemask smelling fresher for longer, it might even make you look forward to wearing it! 

Our essential oil blends all work perfectly for this little tip, so pick the one that best suits your mood and enjoy (just don’t blame us if you fall asleep on the tube!)

AHLT Essential Oil Blends 

With its infusion of lime, peppermint and star anise, choose the EXPLORER when you’re feeling curious and ready for adventure – perhaps out and about in a bar or café, or enjoying a shopping spree in a busy place. 

With its comforting blend of mandarin, tonka bean and clove, choose the STORYTELLER as a companion for a long train ride whilst you take in the scenic views or sit back and people watch. 

Although typically an oil to invoke sleep, the DREAMER can also help quieten an anxious mind on your busy commute or in a bustling crowd. Allow the soothing blend of lavender, spearmint and geranium to calm your nerves and soothe your spirit. 


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