Earth Day - How we've made AHLT more mindful

Earth Day - How we've made AHLT more mindful

We care about you and your world, but how are we here at AHLT investing in our planet?

We’ve introduced lots of new efficiencies in 2021 to ensure that even as a small operation we uphold our ‘mindfully made always’ mission.

Here's what we've been up to...

New Glassware introduction

The past 12 months saw us move to more sustainable packaging, reducing the use of some of the range that contained recyclable plastic. A great example here is our brand new Skincare range housed in our beautiful eco friendly scent preserving glassware. 

Our Glassware now covers the entire range from Candles, Oil bottles to Skincare and can be reused and easily recycled. Kinder to you and your world! 


Redeveloping our products

We’ve limited the need to use external suppliers by investing in our own Ceramic Aroma Diffuser range, a hand picked collection of sustainably made aroma burners and reimagining our skincare. For us it is quality over quantity and understanding the origins and ethics of each aspect of our product range is of huge importance to us.  

Next on the list is relaunching our wax melt range to do away with the recyclable plastic packaging and we’re super excited to share with you the brand new designs for our full Signature Scent Library of Eco friendly Wax Melts coming soon!

Operational efficiencies 

We’re a small batch operation and investing in a larger scale wax melter has allowed us to improve production for our operation from our home studio. By investing in this area of our operations we have no external production costs and have reduced the need to outsource our production for large scale wholesale enquiries. Our mindfully made always ethos remains intact with a greater focus on delivering products that bring about real results in a sustainable way. 


Focus on mindful living

Finally, it doesn't stop with our product range. Sharing our own journey of mindfully renovating our home was the passion project that kickstarted our business.

We continue to share tips and tricks on how to make your home work harder for you, investing in timeless pieces from vintage finds to how to build outdoor spaces that boost your mood and cultivate wildlife.



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