Four festive fragrances to make your house feel like Christmas 

Four festive fragrances to make your house feel like Christmas 

Christmas is a time when our fragrances come into their own, as there is never a more deserving time to fill your home with candlelight and sumptuous scents. Our winter range of candles, wax melts and oils are the perfect embodiment of the festive season, with notes of sweet orange, cinnamon, pine needle and clove to get you in the Christmas spirit.  

In this Christmas edit, we put the spotlight on our festive favourites and talk you through the products and scents you need to make your home feel more magical than a Santa’s grotto. 

WYNTER Eco Candle 

You don’t get much more Christmassy than the smell of cinnamon and clove, and our WYNTER Eco Candle is a comforting blend of both these iconic scents. Cinnamon and clove are well known mood-enhancers and stress-relievers, and combined with notes of sweet orange and nutmeg, our WYNTER scent is the ultimate festive fragrance to leave you feeling soothed and relaxed. 

If you're after a larger candle our Cinder Candles have a burn time of 60 hours, and are housed in a stylish metal vessel with a crackling wood wick – the perfect accompaniment for bunkering down under a blanket when it’s cold outside.

GARLAND Scent Solution or Cinder Candle

GARLAND Cinder Candle

Our favourite part of the festive season is the ceremonious decorating of the Christmas tree. There’s nothing more magical than the scent of pine needles in the air and watching the warm, twinkling glow of Christmas lights when it’s dark outside. Inspired by frosty woodlands and crisp winter walks, our GARLAND Scent Solution encompasses all of these enchanting moments, with its refreshing blend of eucalyptus, pine needle, sandalwood and cedar. 

To use, simply add a few drops of scent solution to clean water in an electric or tea light-powered aroma diffuser, and allow your home to be filled with wintry Christmas magic. 

If you’d prefer to experience GARLAND as a candle, try our 100% natural soy wax Eco Candle or Cinder Candle. For a more energising lift during the Winter days, layer the fragrance with our EXPLORER Essential oil blend in your diffuser. Both scents contain festive notes of pine and Eucalyptus, however EXPLORER packs a mood-boosting punch with fresh lime, rosemary and exotic star anise. 


For a more indulgent and sensual ambiance this winter, try our PERSEPHONE wax melts, made with 100% sustainably sourced soy wax, and brimming with tempting notes of pomegranate, plum, incense and amber-noir. For centuries, black amber has been associated with dispelling negative energy and restoring calm – the perfect pairing for a blissful Christmas break.  

To use, simply add a wax melt onto your melt burner and pop a tealight underneath. The PERSEPHONE wax melts have a powerful scent throw that each last for up to four hours, giving you a whole 24 hours of luxury fragrance from every pack. 

STORYTELLER Essential Oil Blend 

STORYTELLER is one of our brand new, essential oil blends, and features eight soothing essential oils including tonka, clove and cinnamon. STORYTELLER was created with comfort and solace in mind – a perfect addition to your cosy nights in front of the fire, and long afternoons curled up with a good book. The STORYTELLER blend is the reassuring companion you need to see you through the long winter months. 

To use, simply add 5-10 drops of oil to pure water in your aroma diffuser or oil burner before allowing a sense of contentment and tranquillity to fill your home and your heart. 

STORYTELLER can be diffused whilst using a WYNTER candle or wax melts to layer the scent further and offer a botanical boost.


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