Wedding Services from A House Like This

Wedding Services from A House Like This
Introducing AHLT Wedding Services to make your special day just that little bit more magical...
Here at A House Like This we have a wonderful array of choices for grooms and brides to be that long for a wedding that is a memorable, cherished sensory experience.

Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in British Vogue featuring AHLT

As we come to terms with the gorgeous affair that was the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle we wanted to highlight how you too can create a beautifully memorable wedding day with AHLT. A House Like This specialise in unique home fragrance and accessories, but why stop there? We've helped inspire many Brides and Grooms in preparation for their big day so if you want to do something a little different then look no further. We're not just talking Mother of the Bride gifts or something to send as a bridal party thank you - this is all about maximising your experience and introducing scent in fabulous and luxurious ways...

Why introduce scent into your Wedding Day?

According to Fifthsense the power of scent is likely to be our most useful sense for memory recall - and if one thing is for sure you don't ever want to forget your wedding day! Fifthsense believe that in addition to our sense of smell being hugely influential in conjuring up memories that "on a more personal level, smell is extremely important when it comes to attraction between two people". In fact they reference that kissing itself came from when prospective partners used to sniff their potential mate. The big kiss moment on your wedding day is one to remember, so why not discover your signature AHLT fragrance to make your moment truly memorable? 

AHLT Wedding Services include Wedding Favours, Gifts and Scent for your special from A House Like This

Less of the science, what have you got for me? 

Here at A House Like This we have been overjoyed to hear how our fragrances have transformed the homes of our customers and wanted to give brides and grooms the unique opportunity to create scent-sational Wedding experiences with AHLT scent. Who said fragrance had to be limited to the home? 

In addition to decking out your special day with our traditional luxury range of 220g AHLT Candles, we have also introduced a smaller travel sized candle and delightful natural wax spheres that are perfect for use in melt burners exclusive to A House Like This.

If you'd like something a little bit more personalised please do contact us for any custom requests you might have, we'd love to hear how we could help create the wedding of your dreams with fragrances from A House Like This. 

Wedding Favours 

AHLT Wedding Services including wedding favours, gifts and scent for your special day

AHLT Wax Spheres are a gorgeous idea for decorating the top and guest tables at your wedding, plus they make for fantastic wedding favours for your guests. Each wax sphere gift set comes with three AHLT spheres made from white natural wax and fragranced with our signature blends which you can choose. Our advice is to order a sample and consider your favourite fragrances together, whether as a gift or to use within the venue (if you are allowed) to create memorable moments for a truly unique Wedding Day. 

For more information please check out our Wedding Services or drop us a line at for further enquiries. 

Best of luck to all those planning a wedding to remember from AHLT x 


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