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LIGHT Ceramic Aromatherapy Diffuser



Mindfulness made easy with our Aromatherapy diffuser, for use with our Essential Oil Blends or Scent Solutions. A scented escape awaits with just the touch of a button.

Create immersive Scentscapes by diffusing your chosen oil and layer each scent you with a complimentary fragrance from our range of Candles, Melts and more to create a home that feels as good as it looks with our ceramic aromatherapy diffuser

LIGHT is our white ceramic option for those with a love for bright interior styling. For a darker alternative, try our Black Ceramic Aroma Diffuser SHADOW

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Product Details: Total Height: Width: mm, UK 3 Pin Plug.

Mindful in 5 Steps : 

  • Step 1: Before plugging your diffuser in, remove the Ceramic and the white funnel  cover
  • Step 2 : Add fresh water to the tank
  • Step 3 : Add a 5-10 drops of your AHLT Essential Oil Blend or half a pipette of our Scent Solutions
  • Step 4 : Replace the white funnel and ceramic cover
  • Step 5 : Plugin and press the power button to release your chosen scent and the lightbulb icon to change the light color. If you prefer no light setting you can keep the light off. 

Cleaning your diffuser :

Remove the power cable from the diffuser, pour out any remaining oil and water and rinse with pure water. Wipe with an absorbent cloth and reuse. 

Aromatherapy Collection scents by mood :