#DefineYourStory with AHLT & Origin Films

#DefineYourStory with AHLT & Origin Films


Discover a showcase of our Scent Library and the moods and emotions they capture in a way you've never seen before...



The Story...

As you may know, all of our fragrances have their own signature tale to tell, each with its own namesake and mythology. In our short film, we're taking you to the Welsh hills in the middle of winter following the story of someone who, just like you, craves escape and solitude. Upon discovering the gift of scent our heroine is taken on a sensory journey that is symbolic of the quest we too have undergone to find our signature range of home fragrance solutions. The journey you witness is also a perfect representation of the imagery we see when testing our blends with flashes of tree littered landscapes with a dusting of snow, a roaring fire blazing in the wind and a juicy pomegranate mystery waiting to be solved.

Just like when creating an experience with interiors or home fragrance it was so important to us that we partnered with a business that fully understood our creative direction when creating our first scent story film. Origin Films have managed to capture the very essence of storytelling through scent in a way we never thought possible with the treatment of our debut feature. 

We hope you love the film just as much as we do and encourage you to share your own scent stories with #DefineYourStory - we can't wait to see where your adventure with AHLT takes you...

If you'd like to see more of the Origin Films check out their instagram. If you'd like to shop the commercial visit the collection here


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